Saturday, February 8, 2014

Boston Marathon Training Update

It's been about 7 weeks since I last wrote about getting back to training in order to compete in the Boston Marathon. I am happy to report that I am still training and things are going well. I am running over 70 miles a week now and I seem to be getting faster with each passing week. Most importantly my body feels healthy and I am motivated to run fast at Boston. I have been meeting with a group once a week early in the morning which is a nice change. I've been doing two hard workouts a week and some smaller stresses like strides and hills sprints. Just having two hard workouts a week gives me plenty of time to recover between hard efforts and that definitely helps with staying healthy. I just raced the Cardiff Kook 10k in Encintas, CA in 34:15 which was a pleasant surprise and a sign that my fitness is coming back. We had an awesome time in Carlsbad last weekend relaxing and enjoying some free time without the kids. I will be racing a lot in the next six weeks and I'm excited for the meat of marathon training that is coming. Also, Allison is running more and more and even raced in California. It's so nice to have her back running as we tend to feed off each others work ethic and passion for running. This is what the racing schedule looks like for me for the next couple of months:

2/16 Lost Dutchman Half Marathon
3/1 Phoenix Half Marathon (most likely as a workout)
3/9 Mountain To Fountain 15k
3/23 Arizona Distance Classic 13.1 (Not sure on this one yet)
3/30 Carlsbad 5000
4/21 Boston Marathon

Special thanks to Nuun and Perfect Foods Bar! Hydration and refueling are huge parts of marathon training and it's great to be able to use products that I believe in so much.

Carlsbad: Not a bad place to run everyday

We didn't mean to go to the "luxury" theater but we sure did enjoy the recliners

Post race cooldown seflie. We are nerds and we know it!

Started our runs here every morning. 

And I can't forget about our trip to the Monster Jam a couple of weeks ago. Kids had a blast.

Brandon with Uncle Jeff. They took him down early to see the trucks up close.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Back in for Boston

We've been away from the blogosphere (not sure if that's word?) for a little while. Allison has been injured (she is running again!) and I decided to take a break from training to focus on family and work and just run for fun for a while. I wasn't sure how long of a break I would take but it turned out to be a couple of months. Just before Allison got injured I was getting in pretty good shape but with our busy schedule training was something that should be taking a backseat for a while. After a couple months of running 35-40 laid back miles a week I am ready to get back at it with the Boston Marathon as my goal. I have never run Boston before and I'm really excited to work hard for that race. In general I just feel better when I am working hard and training. I just need to keep a laid back attitude about it which is easier said than done. I am not very fit right now and I have a long way to go. I recently ran the Mesa Turkey Trot 10k in a time of 36:07 which is 3 minutes slower than I ran the same race the year before. It will be tough to get all the way back where I was but I 'm excited for the challenge.

Some fun things we've been up to with the kids the last couple months:
We surprised the kids with a trip to Legoland in Carlsbad, California. It was their first trip to an amusement park.

They had a blast and Camryn loved the roller coasters. We went to the beach a couple of times too.

Allison and Camryn did the 1 mile run on Thanksgiving when I did the 10k.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Time to Get Racing Again

It's time for me to get racing again!  When I got back to running after my last injury I told myself I was going to take it slow and not push too hard until after Hood to Coast.  I had picked out the Grasshopper 5k at the end of September and the Long Beach Half Marathon in October as good races to start a comeback.  I am very excited to get racing again but I thought I would be in better shape at this point.  I still have two weeks until the 5k and four weeks until the half marathon so I am hoping to make a jump in fitness by then.  When I look at where I was a month ago I am very pleased with the progress I have made.  It is hard to have perspective sometimes but I know the fitness will come back with consistent training so staying healthy at this point is what is most important.  My training this week had two interval workouts in it and I am happy to say I ran a sub 6 minute mile for the first time in training all year.  Now I just need to run 13.1 miles at a sub 6 minute pace!

In the meantime I have some amazing new Oiselle clothing to keep me motivated to get out the door!  I am very excited for the weather to cool down here so I can wear some of the fall gear!

Feather Trials Hoodie
Flyte Tank and Lesley Knickers

Long Beach Half 2012

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hood to Coast

I'm a little slow getting a post up on Hood to Coast.  I had a busy week of work and I needed all the extra sleep I could get.  The trip was everything I expected it to be and more! The 5 days went by super fast and I loved every moment.  Everyone said it was a life changing and once in a lifetime experience and I couldn't agree more.  I left Seattle more excited, driven, and inspired about my running than ever before. This is because of all the great people I met and interacted with.  Every single person shared the same love of running and it gave a renewed sense of excitement. I can't thank Nunn enough, along with Mason and Megan, for such and an amazing weekend. Nuun is class act company and I am very grateful that they hosted us.

The trip started with a fun trip to The Garage for bowling and socializing. I didn't get any bowling in but it was a great getting to know everyone. After the bowling we headed back to the hotel where I got to know my roommates Devon, Karen, and Catey a little bit better. I decided to stay up past my 8:00 bedtime to go out to dinner with them. I know, I'm wild and crazy:)

The next morning we got to go see Oiselle headquarters and go for a run around Green Lake.  So awesome to see where all the magic happens at Oiselle.  I loved to see all the excitement that everyone had to be there and meet the women of Oiselle.

Tere, Paige, Jennifer, and me

The famous Dr. Lesko and Oiselle Mac

Oiselle team manager Kristin and teammate Holly

Me and Oiselle teammate Robyn

That afternoon we got to go ride The Ducks. It was a tour around Seattle that ended in Lake Union.  This was my second trip to Seattle and my first one was very short so it was nice to see some more of the city.

That evening we had dinner at Nuun headquarters and then got to decorate the vans for the next day.

Nuun HQ

Megan made us some amazing cherry limeade cupcakes

Our van took off to Sandy, OR the next morning where we would be starting the first of our three legs.  My legs were 5.12, 6.81, and 3.32 miles. I am glad I had the shortest leg last. My body felt pretty beat up by the end but it was fun to get out there and run hard. After leg two I wasn't sure how I was going to get going again but somehow I did.  The running weather was great and the girls in my van were pretty great too (Paige, Emily, Tanaya, Tere, and Jennifer). I spent over 24 hours in a van with them and made some amazing friends that I will have for life. Can't wait to see them again.

Leaving Seattle for Oregon

Waiting in Sandy for the fun to start
last leg

Me and Paige at the last exchange 

After we finished we got to spend the rest of the day in Seaside enjoying the beautiful beach weather and of course Seaside Brewing Company.

Jennifer, Tere, me and Paige

Soaking our feet with some of Team Lemonade

Four person selfie

This is what I looked like after being awake for 40 hours

I spent the week once I got home laughing out loud about things that were said and things that happened over the weekend.  Can't wait to do it again!

Monday, September 2, 2013

The Misery Index

Most people who don't live in Arizona refer to the weather here as a dry heat. For most of the year that would be true. However for most of July, August, and a little bit of September is is our Monsoon Season. The high temperatures aren't too bad but we do have a lot of humidity and high dew points. So what? Well that makes running really tough and training has to be scaled back to account for the conditions. Other people have done the work on explaining the Misery Index (temperature + dew point) so I just have to share the information. We are often around 140-150 first thing in the morning here right now and it makes things tough. It's important to adjust your training paces and distances based upon the severity of the weather. It makes a HUGE difference and should not be ignored. Elite coach Mark Hadley wrote a great blog on temperature + dew point and making the proper pace adjustments. The tables in the blog are really helpful. Also there is a great thread here from the Lets Run message boards about the Misery Index. No matter where you live it's good to know this information and how it affects your training. You would be surprised how much the weather actually affects your paces. I am extremely happy to say that we only have a couple weeks left of these conditions and I then I can stop whining. 

I collected some friends during a high misery index run this summer.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Climbing Their First Mountain

Last week Allison was at the Hood to Coast Relay from Wednesday to Sunday so after work and on the weekend it was just me and the kids. Since it's so hot here it can be a struggle to keep them busy with activities that they're excited about. On our way up north I have always noticed people hiking on this little hill/mountain about 10 minutes from our house. I decide to give it a try with the kids and they loved it. It was the perfect size for them and had some pretty cool views at the top. I talked them up pretty good so they were really proud of themselves and thought they had accomplished something special. Brandon even tapped into his inner ultra runner by scraping his knee and finishing with a bloody leg. Afterwards they were rewarded with a donut and it made for a great morning. They said they would remember it forever but they've probably already forgotten. Not bad for a five and three year old though!

View from the top.

Best part of the hike: the donut.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Get To Know My New Racing Team-Oiselle's Haute Volée

I am very excited to announce that I will be part of Oiselle's elite racing team Haute Volée (French for high flyer) this year.  The news came at the perfect time for me.  I spent most of May sidelined with an injury and wasn't sure when I would be able to get back to competitive running.  I was able to start some easy running in June and by the beginning of July I started to get the itch to start some speed work again and my body was feeling ready.  Knowing that I would be racing for Oiselle again gave me all the motivation I needed to get back at it.  It is an honor to be in the same company as these other 23 women and also represent everything Oiselle stands for.  Check out the team manifesto here.  It sums up perfectly what they are all about.

I have had the opportunity to meet both Lauren Fleshman and Kate Grace.  They are both world class athletes and have been the face of Oiselle over the last year.  I can't say enough about how awesome these two women are.  They are a perfect representation of the company and both have inspired me in ways that I didn't even know were possible.

 Kate and Kerry Camberg

Lauren and Baby Jude

When I first started running for Oiselle I was really excited for the sponsorship aspect of it.  It was fun to be running and racing in such great clothing.  I quickly learned that being part of the team was much more than a sponsorship.  It's a community and sisterhood.  Women of all levels supporting and inspiring each other in all aspects of life.  Every person I've met that is involved with Oiselle has exceeded my expectations.

Next up for me is the Hood To Coast Relay with Nuun Hydration on August 23rd-24th.  I will be flying in to Seattle and spending 5 days with 35 other women from around the country.  I am hoping to have the opportunity to see Oiselle HQ and meet some more teammates.  After the relay I will start planning a fall racing schedule.  Can't wait to represent Oiselle for the next year!