Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Exercise and Your Kids Will Follow!


One of the great things about being an active family is that our kids pick up on our habits. They know when we have our running clothes on, watch us stretch, and try to do push ups and sit ups like we do. It's really a cool thing to see how interested they are in that aspect of our lives even at such a young age.  Camryn has taken a liking to doing strides (she calls them "fast runs") along the sidewalk while we do them in the street.  The video above was taken a few weeks ago and is pretty typical of what happens when I'm doing my post run exercises.  Camryn did her first kids run last year at the Mountain to Fountain 15k.



  1. I like the blog! And how your kids are doing it with you, thats cool. Allison your times are amazing! Way to go! This is way cool! I will have to keep up with this!

  2. Thanks Alyssa! Wish I was closer so I could run with all the Weber girls! Maybe someday I'll make it up there for the Wasatch Back Relays!