Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ironman Kids Race

We asked Camryn if she would be interested in doing a kids race and she answered with a very excited "YES" so we decided we would take her to Tempe Town Lake to run in the kids one mile race.  As usual we were in a hurry to get out the door so we had to feed the kids breakfast in the car.  There wasn't even time for a Starbucks stop so that would have to wait until after!

We stopped to take a picture of the setup for the ironman the next day!  I can't imagine doing a full ironman.  Those athletes are amazing!  We saw a lot of them out cycling and getting ready for the big event.  I was wondering if they do a little bit of all three events the day before the race.
Camryn has on her race bib and is anxiously awaiting the start!
Off she goes!  She made it pretty far before she told me she was tired.  I told her she could stop and walk but she just wanted to keep catching up to the other kids.  We did stop a few times but not for long.
Here she is crossing the finish line!  It was same finish line for the ironman the next day!
Each kid got a medal for finishing!  She was so proud!  She wore the medal all day!  She even slept with it in her bed!
Overall it was a great experience!  There were a lot of kids out there.  I loved seeing her have fun and being active at the same time!



  1. So great you are teaching your children the importance of fitness at such a young age. You two are a great example to them.