Friday, December 2, 2011

Tis the Season of Christmas and Colds!

This is probably the best time of the year in our house.  Camryn is old enough now to completely understand Christmas and Santa and the gift of giving (yeah right !).  Seeing the joy on the kids' faces when we belt out Feliz Navidad in the car or give big "ooohs" and "ahhhhs" for the Christmas lights is priceless. There is also ton of excitement going on with Camryn's school and dance activities which makes it a very busy time.  Brandon is just crazy all the time so he fits right into this time of year.  Our official Christmas season started the day after Thanksgiving.  Since we had done the Turkey Trot the day before we didn't have a scheduled run and Derek was off work so were were able to relax, drink coffee, and put up decorations.  We started early with Camryn because once Brandon wakes up everything becomes next to impossible to accomplish.  We knew we had to get the ornaments on the tree (only the top half) before he woke up.  Mission accomplished! Derek even got out and got a good start on the outside lights before Brandon woke up.  The kids love the lights and think ours is one of the best displays in the neighborhood.  What they don't know won't hurt them! 

All done!

How many will he break before Christmas?

With the Christmas Season comes the cold and flu season.  Both the kids had their flu shots but they definitely aren't immune to the cold.  We go to the neighborhood park almost everyday in the afternoon which is a great thing.  The downside is that it's also a great place to pick up germs.  Kids hacking all over and snot flying all over are commonplace.  Okay, that's an exaggeration but that's what it feels like as a parent.  Since last Friday when we were already sick from the kids, Brandon had an ear infection and Camryn is on cold #2 in two weeks.  Every single time Camryn gets a cold she has a 12 hour period of intense coughing which leads to intense vomiting.  If only one of us is home during the puke session it becomes a real adventure.  Brandon will touch and investigate EVERYTHING so you can imagine what happens when we go get a towel to clean up and he is by his sister's vomit. Needless to say it's tough when the kids are sick and that is most of the time this time of year.
Poor Girl :(
Camryn seems to be past the worst of cold #2 and Brandon seems to be recovered from his ear infection so maybe we're in the clear for a few days.  We will continue to enjoy the rest of our favorite part of the year and watch the kids enjoy Christmas. This weekend is Camryn's Christmas dance recital and we are really excited for that. We are also going to go cheer on our Bandido teammates at the Fiesta Bowl Half Marathon on Sunday.  We wish all of our friends and family a happy and safe holiday season!  It's the best time of the year!


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