Monday, January 2, 2012

Running the Edge Book Review

I must admit that I haven't read many books outside of what I had to read for school in my life.  Its been ages since I finished book all the way through.  Even though I have read large sections of running and nutrition books lately, I have just read the sections that had the information I was looking for.  Now that I have finished a book I feel pretty proud of myself.  I got the book for Christmas and I just finished it today (Jan 2).  With work and the kids that is very quick for me.  If I didn't have other obligations I would have finished this book in a day or two.  I loved it.

Running the Edge isn't necessarily a book about running.  It is a book about becoming the closest you can come to your maximum potential as a person.  The book uses running to demonstrate how characteristics of a runner can help you in others aspects of your life.  The words Running the Edge mean getting as close as you can to your ideal self, pushing yourself, and challenging yourself to be better all the time.  The book really challenges you and gives you some tools to do so.  Running the Edge had me thinking about how I could get closer to ideal self and how I could improve as a person.  The book includes interesting anecdotes from the authors' (Adam Goucher and Tim Catalano) lives to support what they are talking about.  There are many things that I have said I will do someday or just push further down the road but after reading the book I decided to run a marathon this year rather than wait and I have also decided to do a couple of things I wouldn't have otherwise done.  The book urges you to never stop trying to maximize your potential as a person and to not be happy with comfortable.  I would say I am definitely a person who is happy with safe and comfortable but I am going to change that now.  Starting this blog and diving head first into our passion for running has already opened doors for us that probably wouldn't have had we not followed our passions.  The book challenges you to things like that all the time.  I don't have anything negative to say about the book and I think that anyone who reads will at least think about themselves a little.  I've been telling Allison all about the book as I've been reading it and we've had some very thoughtful conversations because of it.  My sister also ordered the book because of the discussions we had about it.  If you want to take a hard look at yourself and challenge yourself to be better you should read Running the Edge!


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  1. Thanks for the review Derek! We have it up on our website and we will post a link on facebook later today. Glad you enjoyed the book! All the best with your running!

    Tim Catalano