Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Running Nerd Gets Her Schedule

When I got home from work today I checked my email and saw that I had received my February training schedule.  I have a race this weekend so I already had my schedule through then.  My February schedule will take me through my half marathon on March 3.  I always love love love to get my schedule and see where my coach thinks I can go.  Its kind of like a map to my fitness future or something. I usually start by seeing which workouts stand out to me as the hard ones and my stomach turns with nervous anxiety.  I next look to my weekly mileage totals and see what kind of increase I'm in for.  After looking at it five or six times I finally put down my phone and let it sink in.  This all might sound weird but I love running and getting a glimpse into where my running could go just makes me happy.  I wonder if everybody else feels this way.  Today was "schedule" day and I loved it!


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