Sunday, March 25, 2012

Week of Oiselle

Last weekend I did an unintended wear test on the Oiselle Burke Jacket.  I knew it was going to be raining and windy but since I do a lot of my running on the treadmill I was determined to get my 16 mile long run done outside.  I checked the weather before I left and it said 50, raining, and 23 mph winds.  I thought it may not be the best run ever but I'll get it done.  I decided to do loops around my neighborhood so I never had to run for too long in one direction.  This way I wouldn't have the wind and rain in my face for more than a mile at a time.  I headed out with a positive attitude but after 6 miles of running with my head down to avoid getting the rain in my face and stepping in numerous puddles I decided to go inside and change my gloves.  My hands were freezing!  I was completely soaked and my shoes were so heavy! As soon as I stepped inside I decided I couldn't brave it any longer and decided to finish on the treadmill.  As I was taking off my wet clothes I noticed my long sleeve shirt under my Burke Jacket was completely dry!  How awesome is that!  It is amazing something so light could keep me so dry!  Like their website says it wears as light as air while keeping you warm and dry for miles.  Those Oiselle Seattle girls sure do have their fair share of experience with rain and have been able to perfect the running jacket!
I also unexpectedly received a package in the mail from Oiselle this weekend with some of their Spring/Fall 12 line.  I felt like a kid on Christmas opening the package.  One of my favorite items was this long sleeve tee below.  I love the birds on the back!  Such a great symbol for the company!  I can't wait to see what else they have in store for their Spring/Fall 12 lines!

On Friday Oiselle did a contest called Feather Friday that I saw on Twitter.  It was a hide and seek game where you had to find a feather on a product somewhere on the website and if you tweeted back to Oiselle where the feather was you won the product.  I quickly found that this was a great idea.  I was looking all over the website (great marketing!) numerous times and having fun doing it.  They actually did the contest two times and the second time we were all at home so I had Derek on one computer and Camryn and I were looking on another.  Once again we were all over the website for another 15 minutes.  Oiselle does contests like this often that you can find out about by following them on the Oiselle Facebook page or the Oiselle Twitter feed.


  1. I have to have the T-shirt and, the jacket is so sharp.. can't believe you were still dry. So cute!

  2. Glad you love the Burke Jacket! It's definitely one of my most worn pieces in Seattle.

  3. Oh my! That tee is adorable!! LOVE IT!!! :D